Benefits of Submitting AR

Contribute Your Accounts Receivable

(It’s easier than you think)

calculator moneyTechnology makes it easy to submit your company’s accounts receivable data electronically. Contributing is simple, secure and free. Agree to contribute your A/R for 12 months, and get $100 discount off your membership!

Why should you contribute your A/R to BCI?

  • Save Time and MoneyContribute your full A/R and get the most out of BCI for the least amount of time and effort. A/R contributors no longer have to respond online to reference checks, or Group worksheets – your trade data is automatically added by BCI!
  • Earn Credit Report DiscountsAs a contributor you will receive a 20% savings on every BCI Credit Report.
  • Make your Group and BCI~NACMNE StrongerContributing A/R increases the value of your Credit Group and the data available to all BCI members. Your contribution will inspire other BCI members to contribute, building a strong reciprocal database of trade information.
  • Support Your Good CustomersThe data you submit shows others your good paying customers can be trusted. It helps them build a credit history, which establishes their company. Your late payers are also revealed, which affects their credit history.

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Already convinced of the benefits? Learn how to start submitting today!

AR Submittal Instructions