BCI Partners with Associated Collectors, Inc. (ACI) Collections & Recovery Services 

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BCI knows that credit departments are expected to support sales initiatives by reviewing and approving credit lines, often under tight timelines.  What is often overlooked, however, is that timing is a critical factor when collecting past-due accounts.  The longer action is taken on outstanding receivables, the lower the probability of collection and the lower the value of the account.  Past due accounts cost your company time and drain your company’s profits.

Q:  But how can today’s credit professional balance the excessive demands related to following up on past due accounts and keeping up with collections activities when they really want to and should be focusing on credit extension activities?   

A:  Contact BCI!   BCI has partnered with ACI, a full service collections agency with international scope, to offer fully licensed commercial collection agency services to BCI member companies.  They pride themselves on their ability to analyze each case, take appropriate action, and collect your outstanding receivables as quickly as possible. 

Clients large and small capitalize on ACI’s extensive experience and expertise in contingency-based commercial debt recovery.  Bonded employees use proven techniques that are appropriate for the size, type and age of the outstanding debt. 


BCI’s partner, ACI, works with you to find the most effective collection service to fit your needs.  They offer Accounts Receivable follow-up calls to aggressive Collections activities – all designed to maximize the dollars returned to your company.  

  • Accounts Receivable Past Due Services – outsourcing of follow-up calls and letters to your customers that you are still selling, but that are falling behind in payments
  • Pre-Collection Letters – a preferred method for customers that you continue to sell to, but may have taken unauthorized deductions or are inappropriately stretching payment terms
  • Demand Letter Services – many times just issuing a demand letter brings in the funds!
  • Skip Tracing Services– an effective service that finds those customers who would rather not be found!
  • Commercial Collection Services– timely, aggressive pressure to pay


Our partner, ACI, doesn’t get paid unless you do – it’s that simple!   In addition, companies can count on: 
  • Freedom to focus on extending credit to qualified applicants!  Show your support for the sales staff by decreasing the time it takes to render a credit decision
  • Relief from burdensome, time-consuming Accounts Receivable past due calls and letters to more exhaustive Collections tasks
  • Prompt aggressive action on delinquent accounts
  • Enhanced probability of collection
  • Increased profit on early collections for a nominal cost
  • Increased chances of profitability
  • More accurate forecasting with 24/7 online access to the account status
  • Easy forwarding to a nationwide network of attorneys
  • State-of-the-art automated collection systems with on-line client access
  • Prompt reporting and feedback on collection progress
  • And of course, no collection – no fee!