BCI Trade Credit & Construction Reports


BCI’s Trade Credit and Construction Reports: Tools Created by Credit Professionals for Use by Credit Professionals

BCI Credit Report and BCI Construction Report: two tools created by credit professionals for use by credit professionals containing extensive trade information provided by BCI member companies! Companies nationwide regularly submit trade and other relevant data on their customers making this report a powerful tool for credit departments who seek current information to assess a customer’s credit worthiness. BCI President & COO, Barbara Braun states “we are very confident that the BCI Credit Report and BCI Construction Report can fill the gaps that other credit reporting tools can’t fill. We’ve provided the ability for our members to pick and choose what information they want to see in the reports, as well as how they want to view it.  This is truly a credit professional’s credit report.” Members can pull reports 24/7 via our website at www.nacmne.com. Just log in with your member number and password and pull reports when you need them!

Pricing & Benefits

Member pricing for the BCI Trade Credit Report is $8 per report. Companies that submit their AR to us monthly receive a discounted price of $5 per report – a “win/win” for all. Options to add on Demographic Information ($5) and Public Information Records ($4) are also available.

Member pricing for the BCI Construction Report is $29.95.  This report includes trade information, a title search, and public record information.

Want to get the discounted pricing? Let us know and we’ll get you setup to submit your AR monthly.  Learn more about the benefits of contributing your company’s AR.