The BCI Network

The BCI Network FAQ’s

Q:         What is The BCI Network?

A:          It is an exclusive, live, and customizable BCI member site that contains:

  • interactive, monitored “community” Q&A forums
  • educational events – live and recorded webinars, presentations & articles
  • order- to-cash information & services
  • DSO, best practices, and technology surveys
  • “quick-links” to the BCI Credit Reporting and Reference system
  • and much more!

Q:         What does it cost to “join” The BCI Network?

A:          The BCI Network is included for FREE as part of your BCI membership and it is available to all BCI member company staff members.  Member companies with premium paid subscriptions, noted in the private community site dropdown list with (green or yellow dots) such as Trade Exchange Groups or Special Interest Groups (Global Trade or BCI Best Practices) will be granted access to their private sites automatically via the “join” invitation.

Q:         What is a community “forum” and how will it benefit me?

A:          A forum is a safe and secure place for BCI members to ask questions of the BCI Community.  There is a general BCI Community forum that every BCI member has access to, as well as Private BCI forums for subscribers of premium subscriptions.  The forums are moderated by BCI staff and content is typically approved hourly.

Q:         How do I obtain access to The BCI Network?

A:          BCI is launching The BCI Network in phases.  Each BCI member will be sent an email invitation to “join” with a link and instructions to follow.  When you “join”, your login credentials are authenticated and saved.  The email address on our system will be the one you will use when signing into O365.   If you would like an advanced “peek”, just email and we will set you up and send you an invitation.

Q:         My company discourages clicking links in emails.  Is it safe to click the link to The BCI Network? 

A:          Yes, it is.  The BCI Network is being run on a Microsoft platform that authenticates and monitors security.

Q:         Can I bookmark The BCI Network site?

A:          Yes, we highly recommend that you do bookmark the site.  In your browser, click the bookmarks link and add The BCI Network site address:

Q:         Does The BCI Network replace the BCI Credit Reporting and Reference system run on the Ansonia platform?

A:          No, it does not.  There is direct access via a single sign-on “quick-link” to the BCI Credit Reporting and Reference system run on the Ansonia platform.  In compliance with the BCI Trade Credit Exchange Code of Conduct, trade exchange will only be allowed in the BCI Credit Reporting and Reference system and is prohibited within The BCI Network.

Q:         I am not technically savvy and/or I do not have IT support to help me gain access to The BCI Network.  Who can help me?

A:          Any BCI staff member can help you.  If you email for assistance, we will reach out to you!

Q:         I would like to explore The BCI Network on my own time.  Are there resources on The BCI Network to show me how to navigate and use the site effectively?

A:          Glad you asked!  Yes, here are links to 3- minute videos that go over the site features and how to use them:  How to Navigate The BCI Network Homepage and How to Navigate The PULSE

Q:         I have other staff members that would really benefit from The BCI Network.  How do I get them setup to access it?

A:          All BCI company member contacts that we have on record will be setup automatically.  If you have a staff member you would like to add, remove, or update their information, there is a “quick-link” on the site to request these changes.

Q:         If I have some suggestions of things to add or change on The BCI Network to make it more valuable and/or useful, who should I contact?

A:          We strongly encourage and welcome feedback from BCI members!  This is a community member site for our BCI members, and our goal is to have every BCI member use this tool, so help us make it the best it can be!  Please email either or Barb at with any suggestions.

Q:         Do you have a question we have not addressed in this FAQ?

A:          Send us an email at